Earth Moon Earth

Starting as an experimental project created by drummer and producer Dan Joeright, Earth Moon Earth evolved quickly into a cosmic rock collective that has hosted a wide variety of collaborating musicians. Originating from Joshua Tree with roots spreading from Los Angeles to London, this sonically rich rhythm and synth-based project blends elements of electronic, space, dub and psychedelic rock, creating vast cinematic soundscapes.

In 2018 Earth Moon Earth released their self-titled debut album to critical acclaim. Since then, Earth Moon Earth has opened for trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba on two tours and played a number of festivals including Desert Stars and the Joshua Tree Music Festival. Their instrumental “Seven Sisters” was featured on the Starz television series “Now Apocalypse” created by Steven Soderberg and Greg Jacobs. For the band, experimentation in the high desert continues, with new music ready to release in 2022 as a series of singles and a second album in the pipeline. The first single from this collection – GLIDE – will be released on March 15, 2022. The immersive instrumental music for Glide was recorded live in their Joshua Tree studio (Gatos Trail) and then sent to Skye Edwards in London where she added her brand of dark, dreamy vocalizations. The video for Glide was directed by graphic novelist David Ouimet and is a hauntingly beautiful, animated fairy tale. Glide’s video is perfectly coupled with the ominous composition which features producer Dan Joeright (The Rentals) drums, Skye Edwards (Morcheeba) vocals, Jonathan Hischke (Broken Bells) Bass, Esteban Chavez (The Freeks) Synths, Bob Villwock – Keys and Glitch – Theremin.

The band’s name is derived from the Earth-Moon-Earth radio communications technique of bouncing radio waves off the moon to extend a shortwave radio signal around the curvature of the Earth. A fitting name as the band is also expanding its range, creating music without limits, beyond genres, and working to establish a lasting connection. Shortwave radio, as a musical instrument, is also one of the less common sounds one can hear on an Earth Moon Earth recording, perhaps accompanied by tympani or theremin. 

The current live-band lineup for Earth Moon Earth is:

  • Drums – Dan Joeright (The Rentals)
  • Vocals – Jasmine Ash
  • Synths – Esteban Chavez (The Freeks)
  • Theremin – Glitch
  • Guitar – Rich Good (The Psychedelic Furs)
  • Bass – Jonathan Hischke (Broken Bells)
  • Keyboards – Bob Villwock

with collective contributions from many others including:

Skye Edwards (Morcheeba), Gabriella Evaro, Be Hussey (Radar Bros, Tangients), Heather Paauwe (Enya), Ryan Johnson, Gabriela Teran, Vincent Signorelli (Unsane) & Algis Kizys (Swans).

Suspenseful, Sexy, Mysterious, Seductive, and Unsuspecting

Via The Revue Who doesn’t like a good femme fatale movie? Suspenseful, sexy, mysterious, seductive, and unsuspecting. These five adjectives also describe “New Mourning (Hummingbird)”, the debut single from California outfit Earth Moon Earth. The band calls their music...

Unknown Pleasures

Via Get In To This – UK There’s something easy and familiar with Earth Moon Earth‘s debut single New Mourning; it’s the unhurried pace and laid-back beats, the soft electronic piano riff, the languid bassline and Gabba Evaro’s slightly detached vocals conjuring an...

Dove Dances with Drum in Earth Moon Earth

Via CV Weekly by Lisa Morgan The legacy of the musically magic Evaro family continues to grow and evolve as Gabriella Evaro’s dove-like voice and empathically poetic lyric sense join forces with the unique rhythm soundscapes of Daniel Joeright, former drummer for the...

Earth Moon Earth Have Conjured Up a Soundtrack to What it Feels Like to Fearlessly Wander

by Laura Bee @ Get It On Vinyl I guess if you’ve lived in the desert, you’ve been lucky enough to have the experience of getting lost in the extreme depths of the sparkly indigo sky on a nightly basis. This album will make you feel like you have that kind of access to...

Earth Moon Earth Circle the Sun with a “New Mourning”

Via Coachella Valley Weekly By Lisa Morgan There is an energy that draws an eclectic bunch to the high desert. What is barren, uncultured and weird in the eyes of some, is creatively inspiring, rich in magic and wildly romantic to others. To the music oriented...

Morcheeba Night At Social Hall SF

Via Earth Moon Earth opened for Skye & Ross. It was obvious this was a drummer’s band. Daniel Joeright, whose impressive resume includes David Byrne, Tom Waits, and most recently, The Rentals, puts out a big drum sound. Complementing Joeright is a band...

Earth Moon Earth’s Uplifting Journey in New Single “GLIDE”

Earth Moon Earth just delivered one of the most intoxicating songs that we’ve heard this year. The music takes you on this sonic journey and then the incredibly beautiful vocals of Skye Edwards just elevate it to a whole new level. We highly recommend that you take time out of your busy schedule to check this one out!

Get It or Forget It – Earth Moon Earth

LA MUSIC CRITIC – Earth Moon Earth Album Review Earth Moon Earth is the band that wasn’t supposed to happen. Combining the talents of Daniel Joeright, Gabriella Evaro, Be Hussey, Esteban Chavez, Scott Schaffer and Bob Villwock, this band rocks. Their instrumentation...

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