Earth Moon Earth Circle the Sun with a “New Mourning”

Via Coachella Valley Weekly

By Lisa Morgan

There is an energy that draws an eclectic bunch to the high desert. What is barren, uncultured and weird in the eyes of some, is creatively inspiring, rich in magic and wildly romantic to others. To the music oriented highlanders who find beauty here, the creative unions are potentially endless, always beautiful but often short lived. I say all this to help you understand how significant it is for any of these fledgling movements to push forward into a sophomore year of performance and production. For that reason, I am ecstatic to announce a repeat performance of Earth Moon Earth one year after their debut at Pappy and Harriet’s. The project fueled by stellar producer/songcrafter Daniel Joeright of Gatos Trail Recording Studio and the intensely intuitive and hypnotizing vocals of Gabriella Evaro has graduated from “experimental” to a validated and forward moving project with an album set to be released March 2018.