Earth Moon Earth Have Conjured Up a Soundtrack to What it Feels Like to Fearlessly Wander

by Laura Bee @ Get It On Vinyl

I guess if you’ve lived in the desert, you’ve been lucky enough to have the experience of getting lost in the extreme depths of the sparkly indigo sky on a nightly basis. This album will make you feel like you have that kind of access to the night no matter where you are.  Like a journey companion, Earth Moon Earth’s eponymous debut takes you on a trip there and back with charming mystic, Gabba Evaro as your guide. Evaro’s spirit comes through her vocals as they display the perfect balance of haunting and delicate.  The stream of her voice flows like some kind of dream nectar as it combines with the twinkling darkness of the band’s rolling psychedelic flow. The steady rumble of Dan Joeright’s drumscape rolls through each track on this album like the footsteps of a clever moon explorer.

As the album grows increasingly more intricate and impressive as it unfolds, these High Desert natives create an audible landscape of stark sparkle in open air. The absolute depth of layers of flaky synthy goodness in tracks like “Native Vista” and “Zero Gravity” would be absolutely thrilling to hear live, I imagine. The heavy orchestral feel of the soundscape painted alongside Evaro’s voice encircles the listener as if they are visiting a strange new world. There are times where the notes feel to the ears the way carelessly bouncing on moon rocks might feel. Earth Moon Earth have conjured up a soundtrack to what it feels like to fearlessly wander.