Earth Moon Earth’s Uplifting Journey in New Single “GLIDE”

Earth Moon Earth just delivered one of the most intoxicating songs that we’ve heard this year. The music takes you on this sonic journey and then the incredibly beautiful vocals of Skye Edwards just elevate it to a whole new level. We highly recommend that you take time out of your busy schedule to check this one out!


Via I’m Music Magazine

“Glide” is the latest single by California’s cosmic rock collective: Earth Moon Earth. The music for their new single was recorded live in their Joshua Tree studio (Gatos Trail) and then sent to Skye Edwards in London for vocalizations. The video for “Glide” was directed by David Ouimet and is a hauntingly beautiful, animated fairy tale. “Glide’s” video is perfectly coupled with the ominous composition which features producer Dan Joeright (The Rentals) drums, Skye Edwards (Morcheeba) vocals, Jonathan Hischke (Dot Hacker) Bass, Esteban Chavez (The Freeks) Synths, Bob Villwock – Keys and Glitch – Theremin.

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Reflecting on the process Dan states “We were in the studio experimenting with new sounds and grooves and this track started to take shape. Once the dust settled and we brushed off the excesses, I sent the track to Skye who really took to the feel and mood of it. She wound up writing insightful lyrics and recorded a soaring, emotive vocal track at her home studio in London, complete with angelic harmonies.” What Skye says of the spirit behind her lyrics for Glide: “Sometimes we have to dive into a task not knowing the outcome, if we will fail, or succeed. Still, we must dive in. So don’t be afraid to be brave, to show vulnerability. Are you ready to fall? Are you ready to dive? Let’s Glide.”

Starting as an experimental project created by Drummer/Producer, Dan Joeright, Earth Moon Earth evolved quickly and has been a vehicle to host a variety of collaborating musicians. Since then, Earth Moon Earth has opened tours for Morcheeba, played a number of festivals including Desert Stars, Joshua Tree Music Festival and a variety of other live performances in Southern California. In 2018 Earth Moon Earth released their self-titled debut album to critical acclaim and their song “Seven Sisters” was featured on the Starz television series Now Apocalypse created by Steven Soderberg and Greg Jacobs. The follow up to Earth Moon Earth’s debut album is in the pipeline.