Morcheeba Night At Social Hall SF


Earth Moon Earth opened for Skye & Ross. It was obvious this was a drummer’s band. Daniel Joeright, whose impressive resume includes David Byrne, Tom Waits, and most recently, The Rentals, puts out a big drum sound. Complementing Joeright is a band that includes two on keyboards, a bass player, and a hooded Theremin player. Gabriella Evora arrived after a brief instrumental intro, looking as if she wandered in from Woodstock. Or Burning Man. Listening to the band, it was a little surprising that they weren’t at Burning Man.

Evora has a rich voice and a beatific smile that makes for an enjoyable set. The music is layers of texture, always with the drums out front. Because the instrumentation is so unusual, there’s an otherworldly sound at times, particularly when the Theremin is present, lending an air of psychedelia. It all sounds like a big experiment gone right.